Data-based Art Seminar (02): Steve Dietz  

Data-based Art Seminar (02): Steve  Dietz  
Archive Shelf Location 6A4(2)
Publication Date 18 Sep 2003
Description A one-day seminar on information structures in new media art. 10.30 Steve Dietz
Abstract How do we navigate the landscapes of data? Terra Recognita: The cartography of latitude and longitude is largely unvisited by any one person. The territory of what we know and recognize leads to a topography of self-portraiture. Steve Dietz will discuss several projects - Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg's ‘Apartment’, Julie Mehretu and Entropy8zuper!'s ‘Minneapolis and St. Paul Are East African Cities’, and ‘PDPal’ by Marina Zurkow, Scott Paterson, and Julian Bleecker - that use what might be called "data sedimentation" to build layer by idiosyncratic layer an alternate "communicity" of collected urban experiences.
Quantity 1
Author Steve Dietz
Formats Minidisc, MP3, Audio
Month September 2003
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keyword Data-based art
Related Event Data-based Art Seminar: 18 September 2003
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curators/Producers Sarah Cook, Beryl Graham, University of Sunderland
Language English
Publication Crumb: Data-based Seminar webpages

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