Data-based Art Seminar (05): Lev Manovich

Data-based Art Seminar (05): Lev Manovich
Archive Shelf Location 6A4(2)
Publication Date 18 Sep 2003
Description A one-day seminar on information structures in new media art. 15.00 Lev Manovich
Abstract How can computer databases be used to represent contemporary subjectivity? While a pre-modern person was a part of a collective, a modern subject came to be defined in opposition to the outside world, with the border between the psychological interior and social exterior clearly marked. Today this border has dissolved, and our selves once again have become "distributed": stored in external corporate, medical, government, and surveillance databases, broadcast to the world via blogs and webcams, invaded by media images. How can new computer based representational techniques, and in particular databases, be used to portray this new sense of identity? Lev Manovich will discuss a few recent projects in this direction by various artists and will also talk about his ongoing project Soft Cinema.
Quantity 1
Author Sebastian Campion
Formats Minidisc, MP3, Audio
Month September 2003
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keyword Data-based art
Related Event Data-based Art Seminar: 18 September 2003
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curators/Producers Sarah Cook, Beryl Graham, University of Sunderland
Language English
Publication Crumb: Data-based Seminar webpages

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