Dayanita Singh: Go Away Closer

Dayanita Singh: Go Away Closer
Library Shelf Location 18.SING
Publication Date 2007
Description Go Away Closer is a novel without words. It concerns series of opposites in Singh’s India: presence and absence, reality and dreams, tradition and progress. She is able to express the emotion underlying these often abstract concepts, because her photography springs from her own intimate experiences. For example, Singh establishes a connection between her personal losses, and the collective sadness due to lost traditions in the face of technology. Such opposites are ultimately irreconcilable, as embodied by the paradox of the book’s title. Singh embraces this uncertainty, and presents visual clues in her photographs into which the viewer can read his or her own biography. Go Away Closer — like all of Singh’s books — is not about answering questions, but considering the emotion fabric from which they arise.
ISBN 9783865213860
Quantity 1
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Publisher Steidl
Related Artist Dayanita Singh
Category Photography
Artist's Nationality Indian
Language English

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