Dazed & Confused Vs Andy Warhol

16 May 2007 - 2 September 2007

Twenty years after his death, the legacy of Andy Warhol lives on through the work of today’s creative generation. Dazed & Confused Vs Andy Warhol brings together over 12 British and international contemporary artists, working in the creative fields of art, advertising, fashion, photography, graphic design, media art and music.

Dazed & Confused Vs Andy Warhol celebrates the legacy of one of art’s best- known pioneers and his effect upon mass culture. While there are no original works by Warhol, his creative concerns are threads running through this exhibition. The artists re-present familiar themes using animation, film, photography and sculpture. The artists embody the spirit of Dazed & Confused, a magazine founded in the early 1990s and directly influenced by Warhol, his work and the environment he built around him. This exhibition celebrates Dazed & Confused’s practice of artist endorsement which echoes Warhol’s Factory of the 1960s. Warhol’s New York studio was a place where artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds met and worked together. Warhol’s Factory offered artists on the fringe of the artistic establishment a creative and social outlet, providing them with a voice through publications such as Interview Magazine.

The Warholian belief that everyone could be famous for fifteen minutes is perpetuated by Dazed & Confused with the platform they offer emerging and established artists. The magazine embodied the zeitgeist of the 90s, leading the way for today’s current mixed media culture that merges music, fashion, film and conceptual thinking. This exhibition also questions how the themes Warhol explored in his work are still concerns in the evolving artistic landscape of the twenty-first century. Advertising, art, life, love, commerce, process and mass production are key interests of the artists in this show.

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