Deep Ecology and Anarchism

Deep Ecology and Anarchism
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Publication Date 01 Jan 2017

For the anarchist movement, the 1990s saw a period of defence against capital’s accelerating embrace of environmental destruction which helped to define the movement through to today.

Discourse ranged from a red embrace of automation and demands for a new society based on rapid industrial advance, through considered skepticism at the tools of the master ever being truly fit for the needs of the ruled, to the apocalyptic visions of the primitivists.

With its first edition published in 1993, featuring contributions from influential figures including Brian Morris and Murray Bookchin, deep ecology and anarchism remains a thoughtful contribution to what has belatedly become that most mainstream of questions — how do we save ourselves from the havoc we’re wreaking?

ISBN 9781904491286
Quantity 1
Pages 138
Editor Rob Ray
Format Paperback
Publisher Freedom Press
Category Natural History and Ecology
Keywords Anarchist movement, Environmental politics, deep ecology, Environment, Industrial

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