Lithuanian artist Deimantas Narkevičius (born Utena, 1964) presents a new 3D film. 20 July 2015 traces the removal of several socialist realist sculptures from a prominent site in central Vilnius, known as the Green Bridge.

The eight sculptures served as a well-known landmark since their installation in 1952 and this film examines the necessity for their removal so long after the political ideology that they exemplified has been repealed. This process of erasure is documented by the artist using stereoscopic lenses, with the action of calibrating the cameras serves as a ritual for the object about to leave. The film presented in immersive ‘3D’ culminates in the final removal of the monuments at 2am on 20 July 2015.With thanks to the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

Alongside this new work, Narkevičius will also present works on paper relating to the many hours of footage and a further installation, Books on Shelves and Without Letters 2013. Presented as a twin projection, it documents a young Lithuanian band playing a gig in a secondhand bookstore in Vilnius.

With thanks to the Lithuanian Culture Institute.

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