Didier Vermeiren

Didier Vermeiren
Library Shelf Location 18.VERM
Publication Date 2005
Abstract For over twenty five years now, Vermeiren has taken photographs of sculptures that catch his attention. He has thus complied art works that he has come across in his travels, outings and visits to museums. These photo's are a part of a much needed examination of the past.. "Vermeiren's works embody the memory of both Giacometti's palace and Donatello's dancing children, of Andre's floor pieces as well as the endless columns of Brancusi. For the sculptor's material, says Vermeiren, is not plaster, bronze, or marble but recollection."
ISBN 2879008832
Quantity 1
Pages 103
Author Juliette Laffon
Format Hardcover
Publisher Paris-Musees
Related Artist Didier Vermeiren
Language English

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