(dis) parities

(dis) parities
Library Shelf Location 17.DISP
Publication Date 1993
Description The metaphor which gives the title to this exhibition provides a clue to the position of women;s painting in the 1990s. The title suggests an opening up of multiple differences from and within the tradition of painting. But, what is the unlikeliness to which it refers? just what is incapable of being compared? The exhibition addresses the history of painting in ways which imply the possibility of a different aesthetic, one which shifts the accepted categories that seperate abstraction for representation. pure form from decoration, and the process of making from the finished object.
ISBN 0863211585
Quantity 1
Pages 36
Author Rosemary Betterton
Format Paperback
Publisher Sheffield City Council
Related Artists Estelle Thompson, Beth Harland, Helen Ireland, Rosa Lee, Eve Muske, Helen Pavel, Madeleine Strindberg, Rebecca Fortnum
Categories Painting, Photography
Keyword Process
Related Gallery Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield
Language English

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