Documenta X - the book

Documenta X - the book
Library Shelf Location 16.DOCU
Publication Date 1997
Description For the first time in the history of documenta, the companion publication attempts to go beyond a survey and interpretation of the exhibited works of art to document and analyze the cultural development of the western world from 1945 to 1997 in a rich selection of paintings, photos, plans, sketches, maps, essays, quotations, discussions, poems, philosophical essays and manifestos. The book unites the diverse forms of expression in an impressive collage. The artists of documenta X are introduced in a number of artist's inserts. A provocative, enlivening and thoroughly current reader and reference work for anyone interested in the art and culture of our times. (German edition available ISBN 3-89322-909-4) Conversations with: Benjamin Buchloh, New York; Andreas Branzi, Milan; Etienne Balibar, Paris; Jacques Rancière, Paris; Gayatri Spivak, New York Original contributions by: Peter Bürger, Bremen; Daniel Defert, Paris; Fabrizio Gallanti, Genoa; Serge Gruzinski, Paris; David Harvey, Baltimore; Masao Miyoshi, San Diego; Peter Noller and Klaus Ronneburger, Frankfurt; Hans-Joachim Ruckhaeberle, Berlin; Saskia Sassen, New York; Gayatri Spivak, New York; Paul Sztulman, Paris, and others.
ISBN 3893229116
Quantity 1
Pages 830
Editors Jean-Francois Chevrier, Catherine David
Format Paperback
Publisher Cantz Verlag
Category Annual/Biennial/Triennial...survey shows/events and competitions
Related Event Documenta
Language English

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