Dominic Shepherd: Mycelium

Dominic Shepherd: Mycelium
Library Shelf Location 18.SHEP
Publication Date 2010
Description MYCELIUM refers to mycelia: fungal strands that grow in the dark, spreading and thriving in the unseen. The largest and most ancient organism is a mycelial mat. The visible ‘mushroom’, is the fruiting body of mycelium, appearing time and time again in Shepherd’s work. Gavin Parkinson, author and Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute, London, and Dominic Shepherd, artist and Associate Lecturer at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, both share an interest New Physics, Surrealism, Borgesism and the poetic forms of verbalizing and visualizing the metaphysical, all of which will form the core part this exhibition. text+work presents Dominic Shepherd’s recent body of paintings, created within and informed by his isolated location, surrounded by woodland, and by Parkinson’s two texts: a theoretical piece and an original metafictional piece. The paintings and the written pieces aim to encourage critical reflection and discourse; artist and writer, observer and observed.
ISBN 9780901196422
Quantity 1
Pages 20
Author Gavin Parkinson
Format Paperback
Publisher text+work, Arts University College at Bournemouth
Related Artist Dominic Shepherd
Category Painting
Language English

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