Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha
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Publication Date 2003
Description Ed Ruscha (b.1937) initially gained attention in the early 1960s with paintings, drawings, and photographic books that focused on his fascination with the unique culture, vernacular, and sensibility of his adopted home of Los Angeles. Ruscha has been considered a `West Coast` artist, and although Los Angeles is undeniably the source of inspiration for his art, the themes he addresses are far-reaching and universal. A growing interest in Ruscha`s work in recent years has led to major exhibitions that toured the United States, and a number of individual shows in Europe, which re-evaluate his art in the broader scope. This book is the first monograph on Ruscha`s work. It looks with discernment and insightful detail at the prolific and many-faceted career of an artist whose work has been variously described as pop, conceptual, or surrealist, a painter as well as a printer, bookmaker, and filmmaker. The thematic and loosely chronological structure of the book brings to light the diversity and depth of Ruscha`s art, while at the same time underlining the continuity and recurrence of themes and ideas within his ever surprising and prolific career.
ISBN 0714839086
Quantity 1
Pages 271
Author Richard D Marshall
Format Hardcover
Publisher Phaidon Press Ltd, London
Related Artist Ed Ruscha
Category Painting
Keywords Pop Art, Text in Art
Related Country/Global Region United States of America (USA)
Artist's Nationality American (USA)
Language English

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