Elena Biserna: Walking From Scores

Elena Biserna: Walking From Scores
Library Shelf Location 06.WALK
Publication Date 01 Jan 2022

An anthology of text and graphic scores to be used while walking, from Fluxus to the critical works of current artists, through the tradition of experimental music and performance, gathered and presented by Elena Biserna.

Walking from Scores is a hundred or so collection of non site-specific protocols, instructions and textual and graphic scores centred on walking, listening and playing sound in urban environment. It explores the relationship between art and the everyday, the dynamics of sound and listening in various environments and the (porous) frontiers between artists and audiences. It starts with two premises: an interest in walking envisaged as a relational practice and tactic enabling us to read and rewrite space; an interpretation of scores understood as open invitations and catalysers of action in the tradition of Fluxus event scores.

ISBN 9782378962135
Quantity 1
Pages 514
Editor Elena Biserna
Author Elena Biserna
Format Paperback in paper Sleeve
Publisher Les Presses Du Reel
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Walking, Writing about walking, Anthology of texts, Sound, Urban space, Sound Art

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