Eleven Sculptors of Berlin

Eleven Sculptors of Berlin
Library Shelf Location 14.DEBE
Publication Date 1982
Abstract With this exhibition "11 Sculptors from Berlin", the Goethe Institute has pleasure in presenting another exhibitiom devoted to one particular field of contemporary art. Designed for display in centres of the Goethe Institute abroad, it is also to be shown in the Federal republic of Germany.
Quantity 1
Pages 126
Author Lucie Schauer
Format Paperback
Publisher Goethe-Institute Munich
Related Artists Frank Dornseif, Gerson Ferenbach, Lothar Fischer, Rainer Kriester, Paul Pfarr, Herbert Press, Ursula Sax, Joachim Scmettau, Michael Schoenholtz, Rolf szymanski
Categories Sculpture, Art from a specific town/city/region
Related Gallery Goethe Institute Munich
Language English

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