Eliza Hutchison: Family Photos

Eliza Hutchison: Family Photos
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Publication Date 2017

Australian artist Eliza Hutchison describes her photographic practice in terms of “reconstructed memory”. Her work could be framed as an attempt to re-visualise the images, sensations, and memories lost with her family photo album, which disappeared during a relocation. Although our memories are fluid and unfixed, things like family albums, shared stories, and established narratives all work to formalise memories, giving something that is inherently elusive a more stable and dogmatic character. Hutchison’s images in this book – many from a residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris – both embrace and shatter their collective title, hinting at repetitions and strange nostalgia.

ISBN 9780994388346
Quantity 1
Pages 128
Author Dan Rule
Format Softcover
Publisher Perimeter Editions
Related Artist Eliza Hutchison
Category Photography
Keywords Memory, Classification
Language English

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