Emile Gostelie: Laws of the Haystack

Emile Gostelie: Laws of the Haystack
Library Shelf Location 18.GOST
Publication Date 2021

During a holiday in France, photographer Emile Gostelie snapped a picture of a haystack. Just an ordinary haystack in a field, except that it kept reminding him of images he remembers but has never seen. He returned a few days later to find the haystack gone. But it stayed with him, along with the urge to discover what this image contains but does not reveal. Inspired by Ludwig Boltzmann’s theories on entropy, Gostelie began cutting the original image into pieces and assembling these into alternative structures and parallel configurations. The myriad realities he uncovered are gathered in this volume, a testament to the boundless possibilities of which we often remain unaware.

ISBN 9789464028911
Quantity 1
Editor Wetten Van De Hooiberg
Format Paperback with cutouts
Publisher Self-published
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords Black and white photographs, photo collage, Landscape photography
Languages Dutch, English

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