Engage 06: Trail Blazers: Galleries take on formal education

Engage 06: Trail Blazers: Galleries take on formal education
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Description Editorial Trail blazers: Galleries' take on formal education Felicity Allen 'Bankside and the museum of modern art: experience, interpretation and some conventions', pgs 3-6 Nick de Ville, Professor in the Visual Arts Department, Goldsmiths 'SWAP Schools and Whitechapel Artists' Programme', pgs 7-9 Jane Sillis, Arts Manager, Look Ahead Housing and Care; and Amanda Colbourne, SWAP Coordinator, Whitechapel Art Gallery 'Gallery partnerships in teacher training and continuing professional development', pgs 10-11 Lindsey Fryer, Education Officer, Arnolfini 'Study support at the Tate Liverpool', pgs 12-14 Mary Griffiths, Freelance education curator and Curator of Exhibtions: Interpretation, Manchester City Art Galleries 'A Space to grow', pgs 15-20 Felicity Allen interviews Helen O'Donoghue, Head of Education, Irish Museum of Modern Art 'Interpretation and play', pgs 21-25 Miranda Cox, Freelance researcher and consultant in interpretation 'Broadening the base of education', pgs 26-28 Mathilda Marie Joubert, Research Officer to the NACCCE 'Losing faculties in the classroom', pgs 29-31 Dave Allen, Lecturer, School of Education and Continuing Studies, University of Portsmouth 'Barcelona's Art Laboratory', pgs 32-34 Isa Abad, Education Officer, La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona 'Are you listening comfortably?', pgs 35-36 Polly Stokes, Student, Cambridge University 'Global Diary', pgs 37-38 Janice McLaren, Community Education Officer, Whitechapel Gallery 'Loaded canons', pgs 39-41 Wilson, Michael 'New Audiences/ New Venues', pgs 41-44 Editors: Allen, Felicity
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Editor Felicity Allen
Format Paperback
Publisher Engage
Language English

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