Engage 16: Imagination

Engage 16: Imagination
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date Jan 2005
Description Editorial Imagination Raney, Karen 'On Imagination', pgs 2-9 Richard Kearney, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College and University College Dublin 'The Prime Agent: imagination as mandorla', pgs 10-14 Lindsay Clarke, Novelist 'myooh’zee-_m: Imagination in the museum of our time', pgs 15-21 Gavin Jantjes, Senior Consultant for contemporary art, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo 'Creatology Creativise Creatovate', pgs 22-29 Susan Rowe Harrison, Artist and educator 'Picture the sound of a dripping tap: perspectives on imagination in performing arts practice', pgs 30-36 Round table discussion at ResCen, 6 July 2004 'Here, There and Everywhere: the cultural value of imagination', pgs 37-43 Maria Balshaw, Creative Partnerships Birmingham and Demos Associate 'Let’s Play: on engaging children’s imaginations', pgs 44-49 Idit Nathan, Visual artist and founder of Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination 'Imaging Imagination: ten different boxes from the same starting point', pgs 50-55 Amanda Phillips, Education Officer, Leeds City Gallery 'Planes, Trains and Rocking Horses', pgs 56-59 Clare van Loenen, Head of Public Programmes, Hayward Gallery, London 'Reviews', pgs 60-65 Hannah Fussner, Michael Prior, Harvey McGavin
ISSN 13659383
Quantity 1
Pages 74
Editor Karen Raney
Authors Richard Kearney, Lindsay Clarke, Susan Rowe Harrison, Maria Belshaw, Idit Nathan, Amanda Phillips, Clare van Loenen, Gavin Jantjes
Format Paperback
Publisher Engage
Categories Education/Learning, Museum/Gallery Studies
Language English

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