Engage 24: Digital Doorways

Engage 24: Digital Doorways
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Publication Date 2009
Description This issue of the journal examines the practical and symbolic dimensions of digital technology in museum and gallery culture- and how these have had an impact on what we mean by a visitor, an artwork or collection, or by educating and curating. Four interlinked areas are addressed: art practice, digital interactives for interpretation, online archiving, social media and web 2.0. The book review looks specifically at the challenges digital art poses to curation. Editorial Digital Doorways Raney, Karen Editorial Raney, Karen 'Defenestration' Gillman, Clive 'Concept Testing at the Riverside Museum' Williams, Richard 'Technology Fatigue in Digital Interactive Exhibitions' Tsoroni, Agathi 'From Accessibility to Participation' Kaitavuori, Kaija 'The Art of With' Fussner, Hannah 'Arts Participation Online and Social Networks' Stoddart, Jennifer 'Ephemeral Collections' Waugh, M/ Arca, A Artist Interviews Raney, Karen Review Fussner, Hannah
ISSN 13659383
Quantity 1
Editor Karen Raney
Format Paperback
Publisher Engage
Category Education/Learning
Language English

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