Engage 27: Exchange: Artists, Young People and Galleries

Engage 27: Exchange: Artists, Young People and Galleries
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Publication Date 2011
Description Articles: Editorial Exchange: Artists, Young People and Galleries Raney, Karen Raney, Karen , Artists' Insights, pp12-26 Buckley, B; Goulding, A; Newman, A; Pringle, E; Whitehead, C. , Where is the Risk? pp27-37 Sekules, Veronica , Encounters in the Field: Horses, Birds, Buildings and Babes, pp38-49 Cole, Sarah , The Artist, the Gallery, the Art and Learning: Negotiating Theory to Understand Practice Pringle, Emily , Letting Go, Pulling Together, pp60-70 Lam, A.; Reiss, V. , The Artist as Educator: Six Models of Practice. pp71-83 Hiett, S.; Riding, D. , School Art, pp84-92 Ward, Henry ,The Reunion, pp93-105 Blandy, D.; Inko, Louis, W. , Creative Collaborations: A Gallery Educator's Perspective, pp106-116 Mossop, Sarah , Verstörungen: A Photo Project on the Image of the Soldier, pp117-127 Lüth, Nanna , Tried and Tested, Tate Summer Institute 2009, pp128-134 Sheddan, S.; Walton, A.; Turvey, L. , But it's not Real Art is it? Transformative Encounters with Contemporary Art, pp135-150 Hyde, Wendy , The Learning Curve, pp151-156 Jenkins, Chris , Languages of Collaboration, pp157-164 Fussner, Hannah , Home Art: Socially Engaged Arts Practice and Social Pedagogy, pp165-176 Davison, L.; Merrit, J.; Phillips, C.; Cremona, C.; Leinster, A.; Mitchell, B. , Holding the Reins: Equality, Meaning and Cultural Capital Hall, Roz , Young People as Cultural Workers: Imagining Alternatives, pp191-197 Ross, Michaela
ISSN 13659383
Quantity 1
Pages 204
Editor Karen Raney
Format Paperback
Publisher Engage
Category Education/Learning
Keywords Collaboration, Young People
Language English

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