Engaging Visitors though Front of House: Seminar: Part 2 of 3

Engaging Visitors though Front of House: Seminar: Part 2 of 3
Publication Date 03 Nov 2011
Description Supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Thursday 3 November 2011 / 11.45 - 15.00 BALTIC invites you to a day of sharing and exchange about learning and engagement. Two years ago BALTIC took the decision to bring what was a stand alone Visitor Services team into the wider Learning & Engagement team. This event is a chance to share our experiences and findings of the impact of this move on both visitors and staff, taking a closer look at the Crew Training and Development Programme, including the BALTIC Professional Practice Award, and our Audience Research. There will also be a chance for further conversations with the Crew, Learning and Engagement Managers (Front of House) and other staff at BALTIC. At this event, BALTIC would like to identify other interested cultural organisations regionally and nationally to work with on developing meaningful audience engagement and learning through front of house teams, through staff exchanges and sharing experiences and approaches to best practice in this area.
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Month November 2011
Category Museum/Gallery Studies
Keywords BALTIC Crew, BALTIC Staff
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