Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts: Nearing Arcueil

Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts: Nearing Arcueil
Library Shelf Location ABC-HORN
Publication Date 2002

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Erica Van Horn & Simon Cutts

sixtus editions limoges

It was a winter day in Paris. We decided to walk south through the city and into the suburbs.

"The mystery behind this book's seventeen nearly identical photographs of a house in Arceuil is finally revealed in the short tale at the back of the book, long after the reader has had a chance to try to puzzle it out for him or herself. The narrator tells of a long walk through Paris out to the surrounding town of Arceuil with a loquatious friend and guide. The images are both the story's punchline and, in the end, an unexpectedly compelling document in their own right."

Ben Estes taken from Printed Matter website

Quantity 1
Pages 32pp 4-colour offset wrappers 170 x 120.
Format Paperback
Publisher Sixtus Editions
Related Artists Simon Cutts, Erica Van Horn
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books
Language English

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