EV+A 2000 - friends + neighbours

EV+A 2000 - friends + neighbours
Library Shelf Location 16.EV+A
Publication Date 2001
Description CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS explores the multiple possibilities of conviviality between artists of different generations, various countries and diverse aesthetic positions. Today as the hierarchies between the arts fade away, the notions of center and periphery start to be put into question; we can celebrate the resulting dispersion of artistic energies: there is not a single hegemonic trend that imposes its particular truth over the others; multiple narratives are emerging and we are learning to respect the place of others while we try to create common areas of encounter. The best contemporary art seeks to construct dialogical relations with the viewers; artists are not proposing eternal truths but rather ephemeral events, personal views, or process centred experiences. This can be considered a weak response to the pervasive globalisation of transnational capitalism that imposes a single model of thought and consumerism. These paradoxes provoke in us both fascination and fear. In this context, to be friends or collaborative neighbours can help us face many of those contradictions and awaken in us our capacity for critical thought.
ISBN 0946846405
Quantity 1
Editor Paul M O'Reilly
Authors Rosa Martinez, Hugh Murray, Paul M O'Reilly
Formats Paperback, Exhibition Catalogue
Related Artists Aydan Murtezaoglu, Ghada Amer, Janine Antoni, Maria Doyle, Mona Hatoum, Pipilotti Rist, Rivane Neuenschwander, Xu Bing, Katie Holten, Christina Mackie, Santiago Sierra, Nikos Navridis, Caroline McCarthy, Alexandre da Cunha, Alan Keane, Anne Seagrave, Bernadette Cotter, Beth Derbyshire, Bernie Laherty, Bulent Sangar, Bernard Smith, Colin Andrews, Federico Guzman, Ernesto Leal, Edwina McDonagh, Deirdre Morgan, Darren Murray, Veronica Nicholson, Fidelma O'Neill, Ebru Ozsecen, Tadej Pogacar, Deirdre A Power, Ruth Rogers, James Savage, Sean Taylor, Charlene Teters, Sergio Vega, Gregor Zivic, Carl Michael von Hausswolff
Category Annual/Biennial/Triennial...survey shows/events and competitions
Keywords Consumerism, Globalisation
Related Event EV+A 2000
Language English

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