Eva Grubinger: Cafe Nihilismus

Eva Grubinger: Cafe Nihilismus
Library Shelf Location 18.GRUB
Publication Date 2014

A rapid development of technology and science, a resultant feeling that reality is speeding up and even out of control: the mood and texture of our current moment strongly resemble those of a century ago. In Eva Grubinger's exhibition 'Cafe Nihilismus,' the two eras interweave. Framed by yellow neon writing, the sequence of sculptures and 2-D works suggests a phantasmal bar: coffee culture and the discursive space around it being central, not least to Vienna, in the early twentieth century and now a staple of twenty-first-century life.

ISBN 9783956790867
Quantity 1
Pages 28 pages
Author Martin Herbert
Format Softcover
Publisher Sternberg Press, Berlin
Related Artist Eva Grubinger
Categories Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Sculpture, Installation
Languages English, German

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