Experimental Photography: A Handbook of Techniques

Experimental Photography: A Handbook of Techniques
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Publication Date 2015

Photography has always been about experimentation, and anyone who thinks the advent of digital imaging might have stopped photographers from inventing new ways to impress their film is in for a big surprise. Experimental Photography presents the most interesting and creative modifications for low-cost film cameras, manual printing techniques and unconventional use of the medium. The book accompanies the reader through the world of photography special effects and manipulations documenting techniques, approaches, experimenters, camera makers and their extraordinary creations. One picture at a time, Experimental Photography compiles a manifesto against visual homogenization.

Table of Contents

1. Cameraless • 2. Handmade, Toy and Disposable Cameras • 3. Operative Hacks • 4. Print Experimentation and Techniques • 5. Post-Printing Experimentation

ISBN 9780500544372
Quantity 1
Pages 240 Pages, 185mm x 23mm x 236mm
Authors Luca Bendandi, Marco Antonini
Format Hardback
Publisher Thames and Hudson Ltd, London
Category Photography
Keywords photography, analogue photography, Black-and-white photography
Language English

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