Eye: International review of graphic design - no. 97 vol. 25

Eye: International review of graphic design - no. 97 vol. 25
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Publication Date 2018
Editorial Eye 97


The sound and the echo
Samir Husni , Jeremy Leslie , Angharad Lewis

Magazine special issue, part two

Cinematic view
Critique, Critique / Photography, Rick Poynor

A recent edition of Aperture examines the enduring affinity between two art forms. Photo Critique by Rick…


Guilt, abstracted
Steven Heller

Nora Krug’s graphic memoir explores the
impact of the Second World War – and the Nazi regime – on…

Surfers and divers
Anja Neidhardt

An innovative website tells the story of the Palestinian people in their own words, in two languages

Generation font rent
Jan Middendorp

Fontstand has pioneered an innovative way for graphics students to make work with professional quality…

Reputations: David Driver
Martin Colyer

‘That was the buzz  one got about publishing. What do people want? Where are the gaps in the market? You…

Liberté, égalité, typography
Simon Esterson

Serge Ricco, creative director of l’Obs, has shown this word-driven, left-wing French weekly the power…

For the love of food and print
Steven Heller

Michele Outland, creative director of Bon Appétit, also co-founded and designs the indie mag Gather…

Double vision
Madeleine Morley

Fast-paced, emotional, competitive, surprising – Germany’s ZEITmagazin is a print title for the digital…

The start-up that stopped
Anne Miltenburg

Over just ten issues, Peter Biľak’s Works That Work sought to rethink design, while exploring new models…

Point of difference
Alex J. Todd

Enigmatic imagery and restrained typography give HR membership quarterly Work. the visual personality of…

The alternative viewpoint
Alice Twemlow

The magazines in the stable of Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers are as distinctive in their editorial…

Tales from the West Coast
Patrick Baglee

With its origins in ‘live journalism’ shows, The California Sunday Magazine achieves its narrative power…

This woman’s work
John L. Walters

Kate Hepburn’s design career, embracing pioneering magazines such as Spare Rib and Vole as well as…

Radical platform
Fi Churchman

From its early grassroots days, Spare Rib provided a groundbreaking public arena for women’s issues…

Two-colour haikus
Paul Harpin, John Miles

Banks & Miles art directed Which? magazine, the Consumers’ Association’s flagship title and its covers.…

Pulling back the curtain
David Crowley

Published by the Communist Women’s League, Ty i Ja [You and I] was an ambitious 1960s title that brought…

Lovable loser
Marianne Hanoun

A daring approach to sports journalism earned the short-lived Jock magazine a place in design history


Max Gill: Wonderground Man
Women Design
Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers
Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design
Design as an Attitude
Don’t Sleep: The Urgent Messages of Oliver Munday
Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die: Punk Graphics, 1976-1986
Klimowski Poster Book
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Category Design/Graphic Design
Language English
Publication Eye: International review of graphic design

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