Fashion Today

Fashion Today
Library Shelf Location 25.MCDO
Publication Date 2000
Description From Dior's New Look to Belgian deconstructionism, Japanese futurism and British eclecticism, fashion since 1947 has gone through a bewildering array of changes, Providing a thematic survey of fashion, each chapter of this book deals with a particular aspect of fashion obsession, from elegance to fetishism, from haute-couture to street-style, and from the one-off to the mass market and pret-a-porter. The book shows how fashion has played a part in reflecting and influencing 20th-century attitudes, from the sexual revolution and rise of popular culture in the 60s through the fashion of protest and Punk in the 70s, to the consumerism of the 80s and 90s. It places current fashion not only in the context of youth, sexuality, fetishism, exoticism and historicism, but also in the context of previous fashion movements - demonstrating that fashion reflects not only its suroundings, but itself.
ISBN 0714838977
Quantity 1
Pages 512
Author Colin McDowell
Format Paperback
Publisher Phaidon Press Ltd, London
Category Fashion
Keywords Consumerism, Fetishes, Punk
Language English

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