Library Shelf Location ZINE-S
Publication Date 2020

(FDBNHLLLTTF)Publications are published by Sticky Fingers Publishing. They are assembled through short turn around open calls bringing together fresh and messy writing concerned with design, academia, art, visual culture and performance. FDBN is an inverse academic journal: writing we believe is of academic value, because of how it fucks what knowledge feels like. Writing messy histories and messy futures. This particular output of Sticky Fingers Publishing is a space for testing things out, work in progress, work that feels scary, vulnerable, or fragile.

two colour risograph cover
b&w inner pages printed on recycled paper
staple bound.

Featuring: Edward Green, Vita O’Brien, Valeska Noemi, Gina Prat Lilly, Lucy Harbron, Evelyn Wh-ell, Sam J Grudgings, Daniel Breuer, Michelle O’Higgins, Charlotte Heather, Caitlin Merrett King, Kaiya Waerea, Sophie Hoyle, Donna Marcus, Sophie Paul, Harriet Welsh

We are looking for writing that works through, with, or in belonging. Writing that challenges capitalist-hetro-normitive descriptions of love, ownership, place, comfort, kinship. What it feels like to be somewhere, what we have at stake.

Quantity 1
Pages 52
Format A4 zine
Publisher Sticky Fingers Publishing
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Belonging, Home (concept), Migration, Love, ownership, Place, Displacement, comfort, kinship, Writing

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