Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Library Shelf Location 18.GONZ
Publication Date 2016

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, one of the most influential artists of his generation, lived and worked resolutely according to his own democratic ideology, determined to "make this a better place for everyone." Combining principles of Conceptual Art, minimalism and political activism, Gonzalez-Torres' arsenal included public billboards, giveaway piles of candy or posters and ordinary objects (clocks, mirrors, light fixtures) often used to startling effect. His work challenged notions of public and private space, originality, authorship and the authoritative structure in which he functioned. With this volume, now in its second edition, Gonzalez-Torres's editor Julie Ault has amassed a comprehensive overview of this important artist. In the spirit of the artist's method, Ault rethinks the very idea of what a monograph should be. The book contains texts by Robert Storr and Miwon Kwon, among other notables, as well as significant critical essays, exhibition statements, transcripts from lectures, personal correspondence and writings that influenced Gonzalez-Torres and his work. Ample visual documentation adds another decisive layer of content. We see works not just in their finality, but often witness their transformation over a lifespan.

ISBN 9783869309217
Quantity 1
Pages 412p; 22.5 x 4 x 27.9 cm
Editor Julie Ault
Authors Robert Storr, Miwon Kwon, et al.
Format Hardback
Publisher Steidl Publishers
Related Artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Categories Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Conceptual Art
Keywords Political activism, Minimalism
Language English

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