Feminism and Art [9 views]

Feminism and Art [9 views]
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Abstract How might we assess feminism's initial impacts on art, its subsequent historicization, and its continuing influence? Artforum asked 9 authors to consider this question in an online roundtable assembled in August. Their responses- refined by the participants and presented in the following pages - suggest that feminism and feminist discouses as they have found expression in contemporary art are ambivalent, multifaceted, and ever evolving
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Pages 140-149
Authors Jan Avgikos, Linda Nochlin, Adrian Piper, Andrea Fraser, Collier Schorr, Amelia Jones, Dan Cameron, Catherine de Zegher, Peggy Phelan
Language English
Issue Artforum - Issue XLII No 02 - October 2003
Publication Artforum

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