BALTIC 39 | FIGURE TWO, an open submission exhibition which allows artists working across all media to test works and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context. The exhibition will last for 5 weeks and will be made up of 10 projects by 18 artists, each lasting 5 days.

The 10 exhibitions are to be held in the project space at BALTIC 39 from 6 August – 7 September 2014. BALTIC 39 | FIGURE TWO is an opportunity for artists to test works and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context. The artists in alphabetical order:

Sarah Bayliss, 
Samuel Blackwood, 
Hazel Brill
, Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox, 
Jude Crilly
, Rachel Gay
, Natalie Price Hafslund , Katrin Hanusch, 
Laura Harrington, 
Russell Hill
, Maria Angelica Madero
, Peter Merrington , Laura O'Neill
, Cecilia Stenbom, Ninna Bohn Pedersen , Nicola Singh
, Charlie Godet Thomas

Summary of exhibitions in date order:

Week 1: Wednesday 6 August – Sunday 10 August 2014

Cecilia Stenbom
The List
Consisting of performance, installation and video work, Stenbom’s project begins with a list. At the beginning of the exhibition week the list will include 117 items that the artist wants or needs. During the course of the exhibition, the list will be expanded upon and added to by gallery visitors and the wider public to create an evolving analysis of consumer desires.

Jude Crilly, Natalie Price Hafslund, Laura O'Neill
If a lesson on the fourth-order tensile strength coefficients of nuclear-hardened steel could make you realize the futility of your actions, I would instruct you – but the only thing that primitive minds like yours can understand is raw *power*!
Crilly, Price-Hafslund and O’Neill will present five exhibitions in five days to adhere to Viktor Shklovsky’s notion of making the stone stony. Each day they create and collapse work in order to habituate perception and understand material as more real than it actually is. Pausing for exhibitions.

Week 2: Wednesday 13 August – Sunday 17 August 2014

Samuel Blackwood
Blackwood makes a playful study of the proliferating images that he is constantly exposed to online, with particular reference to the Tumblr platform. Throughout the exhibition the artist will live broadcast the work he will exhibit in the gallery and develop new work that balances
his interest between the digital and physical while taking full advantage of the sensory qualities that can be broadcast over the internet.

Hazel Brill
In Bardo: Act Two
At BALTIC 39, Brill will create a stage set for a narrative-based video installation. Statues will become props, actors, sets and avatars as the video projection unveils a cycle of
short scenes across the sculptures’ physical skins.

Week 3: Wednesday 20 August – Sunday 24 August 2014

Sarah Bayliss, Amelia Bywater & Rebecca Wilcox, Rachel Gay, Maria Angelica Madero, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Nicola Singh

Through The Gap Increasing

Through The Gap Increasing is a collage of performance, video, sculpture and written works by seven internationally based female artists. Individual and collaborative works will be brought together through a shared interest in the malleability, or perforation, of constructed systems within and between language, moving image and the body. The project operates as an ongoing conversation between the artists, artworks and architecture, extending the artists’ working methodologies into the gallery – durational, time-based, performative and screen based – to influence and inform the movement of the viewer through a constantly shifting space.

Week 4: Wednesday 27 August – Sunday 31 August 2014

Charlie Godet Thomas
A Method for Writing / A Method for Making
Inspired by the un-inked page, the blank screen, the untouched canvas, the white ‘readiness’ of the seemingly un-pixellated infinity of a page without text A Method for Writing / A Method for Making will create a dialogue that will explore the way in which strategies for writing are used to create new visual forms. A selection of recent works by Charlie Godet Thomas, which make myriad use of the written word through distinctive visual strategies, will be the starting point for further works to be developed over the week, including a collaborative project with a group of local poets.

Peter Merrington and Tijana Stevanović
A Partial Index
A Partial Index presents the work to date of a temporary, pseudo-collective of artists and researchers led by Peter Merrington and Tijana Stevanović. Together they have developed a shared pedagogic platform to explore the politics of voice and visibility in place and the archive. The group is currently working towards the production of a film essay and a series of publications. At BALTIC 39, with contributions from Ko-Le Chen, Elodie Roy and Sophie Yarker, they present an exhibition as process: both a ‘pause’ in the ongoing development of their work but also a moment of intense production.

Week 5: Wednesday 3 September – Sunday 7 September 2013

Laura Harrington
A Lively Sense of Nature
Laura Harrington presents a series of works in progress, which all explore a so-called ‘lively’ sense of nature. The works are made in response to an immersion and development of an intimate relationship with a particular and otherworldly landscape around 50 miles from her city centre home. The site, Moss Flats, is an upland bare peat flat undergoing scientific monitoring in the North Pennines. These are moments of stasis in thinking from the first few months of a year-long Leverhulme Trust artist residency with Dr Jeff Warburton in the Department of Geography at Durham University.

Katrin Hanusch
Katrin Hanusch will present new work – a landscape abandoned of humans, absence visually written throughout space. It will include what the artist calls ‘ideas of architecture’ and ‘ideas of conceptual living space’. A model of a derelict building suggests the ruins of socialism — one of those dried out ideas — while a liquid flickers over a surface. Here past and present merge over fragments, marks and resonating memories.

Russell Hill
Marion II

Wednesday 6 August – Sunday 7 September

Marion II 2014 will be presented in the ground floor entrance gallery of BALTIC 39 for the duration of BALTIC 39 | FIGURE TWO. Using traditional Stucco techniques, the work explores the material properties of toothpaste, a product firmly within the realm of function. For Hill, ‘toothpaste is a state of the art drawing material - a humble space in which mark- making occurs on an almost robotic level, embedded in routine.’

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