Flash Art - No. 328 - Nov – Jan 2019/2020

Flash Art - No. 328 - Nov – Jan 2019/2020
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Publication Date Nov 2019

ON VIEW → International exhibitions selected by ◯ Antonia Alampi, Artistic co-director of SAVVY Contemporary and co-curator of Sonsbeek 2020–24 ◯ Roselee Goldberg, Founding director and chief curator of Performa, New York ◯ Chus Martinez, Head of the Institut FHNW, Basel and expedition leader of TheCurrent, TBA21–Academy

FEATURES → ◯ When You Mix Something, it’s good to know your Ingredients. Modes of Addressing and Economies of Attention in the Visual and Performing Arts by Dorothea Von Hantelmann Image, performance, protest by Isobel Harbison ◯ “I’m nothing, I’m no one, I’m everyone, I’m dead!” Aria Dean in conversation with Andrea Bellini ◯ Negative Space, Objects in the Absence of Performance Ryan Josey in conversation with Brendan Fernandes ◯ Dossier: Rebecca Horn ◯ The (In)Animate World of Rebecca Horn by Lynette Roth ◯ “Body Fan 2” by Rebecca Horn Originally published in Flash Art Germany no. 46 – 47 June, 1974 ◯ Art that is waiting to make your acquaintance by Marlise Grüterich + Statements by Rebecca Horn Originally published in Flash Art International no. 74 – 75 May / June, 1977Jimmy Robert: Reworking Performativity by Eleonora Milani ◯ Apertures of Queer Prophecy. Alex Baczynski-Jenkins’s Such Feeling by Sam Dolbear ◯ Fantasies and Dissonance: A Conversation with Anne Bean by Maria Elena Buszek + Are You a Feminist? Anne Bean (2014) in conversation with Anne Bean (1973) ◯ Marta Minujín’s The Parthenon of Books: A Living Elevation of Social and Cultural Relations by Pierre Bal–Blanc

REVIEWS → ◯ 15th Biennale Lyon  Elaine Cameron-Weir  Nayland Blake  Vincent Fecteau ◯ Kara Walker  Michael E. Smith  Sidsel Meineche Hansen ◯ Liz Magor  Len Lye  Marguerite Humeau ◯ Dirk Braeckman ◯ Wu Tsang  Nora Turato ◯ Luke Ching Chin Wai, Liquefied Sunshine / Force Majeure  Emily Mae Smith  False Spaces

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Format Magazine
Months November 2019, December 2019, January 2020
Language English
Publication Flash Art

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