Flash Art - No. 329 - Feb–Mar 2020

Flash Art - No. 329 - Feb–Mar 2020
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Publication Date Feb 2020

This issue of Flash Art explores a sort ofarcheology of images. We aim to reflect on issues of appropriation and authenticity in their most contemporaneous sense, whereby any original or preexisting artwork, image, or product can be invested with a multiplicity of meanings. For this issue Maurizio Cattelan has conceived a special cover project for our theme, here in conversation with the genre-bending artist and designer Virgil Abloh. From artists of the Pictures Generation, as Sherrie Levine, to the manifold messages in Barbara Kruger's images; from the "affective proximity" in Arthur Jafa to the complexities of the human brain in Jordan Wolfson; from the Alice Channer's repudiation of authorship to Olivia Erlanger's embrace of the image as a free-floating signifier, each uses appropriation as a means of grappling with our relentlessly refractive present.


Also in this issue: An essay on "The Copy as Origin and Renewal" by Jane Ursula Harris on the work of Renee Cox, Debora Kass and Yasumasa Morimura; a conversations from the late 1980s between Jeff Koons, Haim Steinbach, Ashley Bickerton, and a special artwork conceived by Dinamo Swiss typeface agency.

Format Magazine
Months February 2020, March 2020
Language English
Publication Flash Art

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