Flash Art - no.302 - May-June 2015

Flash Art - no.302 - May-June 2015
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Publication Date May 2015


Peter Bläuer on Liste 2015, Basel; Eric Mézil on the Collection Lambert, Avignon; Del Vaz Projects and Park View, Los Angeles; Tom McCarthy’s Satin Island; Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin; Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev on the 14Th Istanbul Biennial; Vetements, Paris; Sarina Tang on Currents – Art and Music, Beijing / São Paulo; Holly Herndon’s Platform; Florence Derieux on FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims; The Sunday Painter, London; No Problem: Cologne / New York 1984-1989

Problems of Representation — Charles Gaines
by Martine Syms

Will Genius Be the New
(insert name of massive internet corporation here)?
by Orit Gat

Caring, Caring — Bradley Kronz
by Boško Blagojevic

Keep Your Splendid, Silent Sun — Pamela Rosenkranz
by Mitchell Anderson

From A to Wong and Back Again — Tobias Wong
by Cyril Duval

Hands Over Milan — Ugo La Pietra, Giorgio Armani, Nanni Balestrini
by Michele D’Aurizio, Gea Politi, Lodovico Pignatti Morano

Cults, Choreography and the Eschatology of Maizidian — Tianzhuo Chen
by Robin Peckham

The Impalpable Citadel — Claudio Parmiggiani
by Sylvain Amic

Barbara T.Smith Andrew Kreps/New York; Sascha Braunig Foxy Production/New York; Sara Clendening The Green Gallery/Oak Park (IL); Agency REDCAT/Los Angeles; Pat O’Neill Cherry and Martin/Los Angeles; Laura Lima Museo de Arte Moderno/Buenos Aires; Human Rights Human Wrongs Photographer’s Gallery/London; Andrea Büttner and Brit Meyer Piper Keys/London; Goutam Ghosh Standard/Oslo; Mitchell Syrop Croy Nielsen/Berlin; Abdoulaye Konaté Blain | Southern/Berlin; Laurent Dupont and Lucy McKenzie Svit/Prague; Mathieu Briand Maison Rouge/Paris; Margareth Honda Triangle/Marseille; Sam Falls Fondazione Giuliani/Rome; Slavs and Tatars NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery; Kei Imazu Yamamoto Gendai/Tokyo; Andy Boot Minerva/Sydney

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Format Magazine
Months May 2015, June 2015
Issue Flash Art - no.302 - May-June 2015
Publication Flash Art

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