Foam: international photography magazine #46/2017

Foam: international photography magazine #46/2017
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Publication Date 2017

Foam Magazine #46: Who We Are

Who are you? 

At first glance, it appears to be a straightforward question, and one that - in most instances - we are conditioned to answer simply: by providing our name. Yet, upon reflection, it begins to feel like such an arbitrary distinction. It is probably fair to assume that the question of identity has forever occupied a position of great importance in the human mind, and That it will always continuing to do so. The same can be said of the relationship between photography and identity. In the current issue of Foam Magazine we tackle the spectrum of identity and its various subchapters with eight portfolios that share a very specific perspective: the dialogue, and sometimes the contrast between a fluid and constantly renegotiated sense of self and a rooted, outspoken sense (or need) of community.  

Jacques-Aurélien Brun, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, Salvi Danés, #Dysturb, Laura El-Tantawy, Mayumi Hosokura, Anouk Kruithof, Quentin Lacombe, Clément Lambelet, Matthew Leifheit, Namsa Leuba, Dana Lixenberg, Mike Lundgren, Amak Mahmoodian, Ari Marcopoulos, Izumi Miyazaki, Hiroshi Okamoto, Christian Patterson, Irina Popova, Jon Rafman, Charlie Rubin, Laurie Simmons

Joseph Gergel, Kim Knoppers, Russet Lederman, Colin Pantall, William J. Simmons, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, Gary Zhexi Zhang

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Related Artists Izumi Miyazaki, Amak Mahmoodian, Namsa Leuba, Dana Lixenberg, Jon Rafman, Hiroshi Okamoto, Claude Cahun, Marcel Moore, Laurie Simmons
Category Photography
Language English
Issue Foam: international photography magazine #46/2017
Publication Foam: international photography magazine

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