Form Follows Fiction

Form Follows Fiction
Library Shelf Location 05.DEIT
Publication Date Oct 2001
Description Where does reality end and fiction begin in art and in life? Art is moving closer to life, increasingly blurring the line between reality and fantasy. "Form Follows Fiction" presents a new generation of artists committed to creating novel forms of contemporary reality. Artists covered include: Franz Ackermann; Doug Aitken; Vanessa Beecroft; Margherita Mazelli; Chris Ofilli; Gabriel Orozco; Pierre Huyghe; Toba Kedoori; and Kara Walker.
ISBN 9788881583577
Quantity 1
Pages 252
Author Jeffrey Deitch
Format Paperback
Publisher Charta
Category Theory
Keywords Celebrity, Reality, Fantasy, Popular culture, Television, Fiction, Truth
Languages English, Italian

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