Frame: Issue 101: November/December 2014

Frame: Issue 101: November/December 2014
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Publication Date Nov 2014

Nov/Dec 2014

With Frame's centennial issue now behind us, we embark upon the next hundred issues by asking 'is this a fad, or is it the future?' The Frame Lab explores dining concepts of the future with an emphasis upon scarcity of resources and alternative high protein food sources. Nature makes a comeback as the primary element in the works of Jacek Tylicki and Marcin Rusak.

With just a sprinkle of creativity and innovation, inspiring projects sprout from the diverse fields of art, design, fashion and technology.

Bethan Laura Wood’s fruits for Hermès London are ripe for the picking while a wall of mannequin hands display their selection of the Zilvermuseum’s prized silver trinkets.

Tadao Ando shares stories about his career as a self-taught architect and Marcin Rusak questions consumption with objects made from perishable flowers.

Amsterdam’s new Volkshotel interior by Bas van Tol gets in touch with its newspaper roots with mural illustrations by Gijs Kast.

According to Jasper Morrison, character is also a quality found in furniture.

Mathery Studio melted crayons and moulded them to form the perfect accessory to a children’s paradise inside Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.

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Months November 2014, December 2014
Language English
Issue Frame: Issue 101: November/December 2014
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