Framework: The Finnish Art Review - 5/2006

Framework: The Finnish Art Review - 5/2006
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date 2006
Description Involvement/Detachment Centenaries frequently provide an opportunity for asking pertinent questions, and this is especially the case with this particular centenary of the epochal reform that happened exactly one hundred years ago in Finland: The first session of Finland’s unicameral parliament was held on May 23, 1906, and the members of the four Estates approved a new parliamentary system and electoral law on June 1, 1906. This granted all adult citizens equal, universal suffrage and full political rights. Women in Finland were thus the first in Europe to fully exercise their democratic right to vote, and the first in the world to enjoy full political rights by being eligible to stand for a national parliament. How much have the conditions really changed during this century? How much is there actually ‘space’ to use our political rights or to change our own society?
ISSN 14596288
Quantity 1
Pages 136
Editors Marita Muukkonen, Marketta Seppala
Format Magazine
Publisher Frame: Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Related Country/Global Region Finland
Artist's Nationality Finnish
Language English
Issue Framework: The Finnish Art Review - 1/2004
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