Frank O'Hara: 'Why I Am Not a Painter' and other poems

Frank O'Hara: 'Why I Am Not a Painter' and other poems
Library Shelf Location 34a.OHAR
Publication Date 2003
Description Frank O'Hara composed poems 'any time, any place', collaborating with - or directly inspired by - a vibrant circle of artists, dancers, musicians and poets. For O'Hara, the city was a place of endless possibility, and he brilliantly captured the pace and rhythms, the quandaries and exhilarations, of mid-twentieth-century city life. His work radiates wit, immediacy and the grace of living 'as variously as possible'. As Mark Ford notes in his introduction to this new selection, 'O'Hara's hip, glamorous, freewheeling self-celebrations both reflected and helped disseminate a new kind of confidence and daring in American poetry.' '... a remarkable new poetry - both modest and monumental, with something basically usable about it - not only for poets in search of a voice of their own but for the reader who turns to poetry as a last resort in trying to juggle the contradictory components of modern life into something like a liveable space.' John Ashbery
ISBN 9781857546880
Quantity 1
Pages 93
Author Frank O'Hara
Format Paperback
Publisher Carcanet Press Limited
Category Poetry/Verse
Language English

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