Freak Show: An Unnatural History: Archive Research File

Freak Show: An Unnatural History: Archive Research File
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'Gateshead - Gran Bretagna - Freak Show' Inside Magazine, Summer 2007 'Freakshow - an interview with Maurizio Cattelan' by Gavin Bower in Flux, July 2007 'Freakshow' by Gemma Winter at KCTV (Web) 22nd April 2007 'Art of the Absurd' in the Evening Chronicle, 10th May 2007 'Bizarre Fantasy' in the Evening Chronicle, 11th May 2007 'A Freakshow at Baltic' in the Chronicle Live, 16th May 2007 'Dazzling and a bit Bespangled' by David Whetstone in the Journal (Newcastle) 16th May 2007 'Freak Show and Twisted Vision' by Jack Hunter in the Evening Chronicle, 18th May 2007 'Exhibitions: Spring Exhibitions: Gateshead' in The Guardian, 19-25th May 2007 'Arts News' by Amy Rudd, in Metro North East, (Newcastle) 29th May 2007 'Art: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art' in Visit! (NGI Newspaper insert) June 2007 'Summer at Baltic' in ICNewcastle, 3rd June 2007 ALSO INCLUDES PREVIEW INVITE

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Related Artists Gilles Barbier, Miguel Calderon, Oleh Kulik, Toni Matelli, Maurizio Cattelan
Related Event Freak Show - An Unnatural History (16 May - 26 August 2007)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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