Free Fall 2003

Free Fall 2003
Library Shelf Location 17.FREE
Publication Date 2003
ISBN 905952251
Quantity 1
Editor Warren Maggie
Author Mike Stubbs
Format Paperback
Publisher Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery
Related Artists Ah-bin Shim, Ben Woodeson, Bill Drummond, Bob Levene, Dane Watkins, Gina Czarnecki, Heath Bunting, Michael Pinsky, Pernille Spence, Richard Brown, Ronald Fraser-Munroe, Simon Poulter, Simon Yuill, Thomson & Craighead, Zoe Irvine
Category New Media/Digital Art
Related Countries/Global Region Britain/UK, England
Related Gallery Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery
Related Curator/Producer Mike Stubbs
Language English

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