Freestylers: Everybody With Me Always

Publication Date 23 Sep 2022

Watch the film version of Freestylers’ Everybody With Me, Always online.

"Everybody With Me, Always tells the story of our journey together over the last two years. What we have shared, all the amazing people we have met and how we have grown. We are creating a new place, where the rules are different and everyone is welcome."

Freestylers are an ever-expanding team of artists. Person-centred and disability-led, their work is about listening and learning from each other.

The live performance of Everybody With Me, Always was a CONTINUOUS x Unlimited commission that saw Freestylers go on a UK tour for the first time across 2021 and 2022 – journeying to Goldsmiths CCA, London; Tramway, Glasgow; BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead; and Bluecoat, Liverpool.


Related Artist Freestylers
Category Live Art/Performance
Keywords disability-led, person-centred, Dance, Collaboration, co-production, Inclusivity
Related Event CONTINUOUS: A partnership between Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Siobhan Davies Dance (2018-2022)

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