Frieze - Issue 67 - May 2002

Frieze - Issue 67 - May 2002
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Publication Date 2002
Abstract Yes Cannes Do Gavin Smith on the changing fortunes of film festivals The glass bead game Emily King is captivated by Georg Baldele's creations Close to the hedge Klaus Walter listens to the sound of the suburbs Myth Universe Gabriel Coxhead is fired up by Promethea Ordinary People Tom Morton rediscovers The Ballad of Halo Jones Revolt Into Style Manfred Hermes gets caught up in Eric Rohmer's latest film Of Mice and Men Lorna Lee Leslie on the work of Ted Noten Reasons to be cheerful Richard O'Brien considers the current vogue for popular philosophy Eye spy George Pendle decodes the first biography of Anthony Blunt Craft Work Polly Staple on Gareth Jones Mother Country Jan Verwoert on the video work of Anri Sala If... Tom Morton on George Shaw Flim Flam Man Alex Farquharson on Gary Webb Tears before bedtime Michael Bracewell on melancholy in British sitcoms The Passenger Neville Wakefield on Matthew Barney Reviews Stephanie Taylor Galerie Christian Nagel Spookie Knowledge Pearl Damian Ortega D'Amelio Terras Nan Goldin Whitechapel Art Gallery Maria Eichhorn Kunsthalle Presentness is Grace Arnolfini Violence is at the Margin of All Things Generali Foundation Edgar Bryan China Art Objects Atom Egoyan former Museum of Manknd Stephen Vitiello The Project Urs Fischer Contemporary Fine Arts Frequencies [Hz] Schirn Kunsthalle Site de création contemporaine Palais de Tokyo Wim Delvoye New Museum of Contemporary Art Kim Jones Pierogi Michael Parekowhai Jonathan Smart Gallery Exchange Richard Salmon Chiho Aoshima Blum & Poe J'en ai pris des coups mais j'en ai donne aussi Galerie Chez Valetin non-places Kunstverein Ian Breakwell De la Warr Pavilion
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Month May 2002
Issue Frieze - Issue 67 - May 2002
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