fsnk!: Four painters

fsnk!: Four painters
Library Shelf Location 20.GJES
Publication Date 2001
Abstract The National Touring Exhibitions invited the curators Ika Kaminka and Torild Gjesvik to put together an exhibition showing some of the trends in contemporary painting. They have chosen to focus on four painters, all of whom graduated from the Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Bergen in the late 1980s: Jan Trygve Floysvik, Tor Inge Kveum, Gunnveig Nerol and hilde Skjeggstad. All four artists work with form and colour within an abstract mode of expression. Their paintings span a broad range of qualities, from the quietly poetic to the colourful and painterly. The artists have each contributed several works, giving visitors and opportunity to get acquainted with their artistry.
Quantity 1
Pages 56
Author Torild Gjesvik
Format Paperback
Publisher Riks Utstillinger (National Touring Exhibitions, Norway)
Related Artists Jan Trygve Floysvik, Tor Inge Kveum, Gunnveig Nerol, Hilde Skjeggestad
Category Painting
Related Curator/Producer Svein Christiansen
Languages Norwegian, English

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