Library Shelf Location 04.FUTU
Publication Date Mar 2001
Description The Futurist movement was launched in 1909 through the Italian artist Marinetti's famous manifesto, which rejected the naturalistic and historical ideals of the past and proposed a radical philosophy intent on the future and progress. Under their founder's banner, the Futurists Boccioni, Balla, Carra, and Russolo developed a revolutionary ideology of the avant-garde that in the course of the next 30 years was to unite hundreds of creators all over the world. This book tells the story of this influential movement whose aim, using every artistic expression (painting, literature, music, cinema, dance, decorative arts), was to create a total art. Futurism leads the reader through the different aesthetic periods, ranging from early 'plastic dynamism' to aeropainting in the Thirties. Furthermore, the author clarifies the relationship between Futurism and the Italian fascist regime, which has long been an object of controversy.
ISBN 2879392349
Quantity 1
Pages 208
Author Giovanni Lista
Format Paperback
Publisher Editions Pierre Terrail
Category Art Styles and Movements
Keywords Futurism, Ideology
Language English

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