Gad Hollander and Andrew Bick: The Palaver

Gad Hollander and Andrew Bick: The Palaver
Library Shelf Location ABC-HOLL
Publication Date 1998

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Edition of 1000  

The Palaver is a pocket-sized book of images and texts by writer and film-maker Gad Hollander and artist Andrew Bick which functions as a story board for an imaginary film.

It consists of photographs that have an elusive but familiar quality, sourced in various European locations with corresponding text. Each image presents a sense of deja-vu typical of the emotions felt whilst traveling. This feeling is compounded by the addition of blue line drawings super-imposed on each image that operate as a form of ‘punctuation’ and accentuate potential meanings within the work. The absence of punctuation in the text, coupled with the repetition of phrases that, in turn, echo the repetition of images in different ‘edits’ create a stream of consciousness that is pulled in and out of focus.

ISBN 9781870699280
Quantity 1
Pages 60 pages; 140 x 160mm
Format Softcover
Publisher Book Works, London
Related Artists Gad Hollander, Andrew Bick
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Language English

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