Gail Pickering

Mirror Speech

31 October 2014 - 11 January 2015


Gail Pickering’s new exhibition Mirror Speech focuses on a pioneering social experiment in community television that ended in a climate of widespread distrust about its political objectives - its participants disputed the image they had once collectively produced. The last remaining recordings of their live broadcasts provide a space for the artist to address the subjectivity of the televisual image itself. In fictionalising the literal cuts or interruptions of the historical material, Pickering explores ideas of mimicry, multiplicity and temporality. In her first major solo exhibition in the UK, Pickering presents an immersive installation, where sound and image reverberate across the gallery spaces.

The work Near Real Time is commissioned by FLAMIN Productions through Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network with funding from Arts Council England, The Elephant Trust and Goldsmiths, University of London. With thanks to the Collections Archives Departmentales De L’Isère, Christian Bailly and Rewind Resources.




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