Garageland: art, culture & ideas #20

Garageland: art, culture & ideas #20
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Publication Date 2016

Garageland 20: Remake Remodel looks at how times, events and materials are reassembled to create new times, events and materials – accentuating the new work that is born out of the old. Chic’s I Want Your Love becomes part of Moodymann’s I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits. Chardin’s The Rayfish becomes Soutine’s The Rayfish with Twist of Bread. Shakespeare’s King Lear becomes Kurosawa’s Ran. Found film stills and footage become new and insightful in the hands of John Stezaker, Mark Rappaport and Douglas Gordon. Looking and revising existing material is unquestionably creatively stimulating.

Inside the issue, Remake Remodel cover artist, Paul Housley, gives a candid insight into reworkings within his painting practice and artistic integrity is scrutinised by Cathy Lomax's consideration of Sturtevant and Prada. Alex Michon furthers the fashion/art link from Ferragamo to Lisa Milroy via Beecroft and Bourgeois. In Fixation: 1980-95 Jennifer Campbell relates her own fascination with the ‘visually nutritious’ era that she was born into. There is also a re-look at 1970s punk by Paul Murphy and the creativity of destruction is explored by David Cooper. The literature of Thomas Hardy, JG Ballard and Roberto Arlt are adapted, Frankenstein and Fragonard are reworked and the mythology of Henry Darger is challenged in an issue that questions our propensity for remake remodel.

Format Magazine
Related Artist Paul Housley
Language English
Publication Garageland

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