Garden for Children

Garden for Children
Library Shelf Location 17.GARD
Publication Date 2010
Description An exhibition for the enjoyment of all, from infants and toddlers to adults, Garden for Children will celebrate the perceptual powers and mindscape of small children. Featured are hands-on interactive and physically immersive works, newly created by emerging artists, each of which gives orchestration to an entire space. By enabling adults to share a world of art together with children and experience it vicariously through their viewpoint, physical sensations, and feelings, the exhibition will provide occasions for communication among people of different generations and for considering and rediscovering our own relationship with art. Artists: Mikiko ENDO, Goh IDETA, KOSUGE1-16, Shinji OHMAKI, Saki Satom Recent research in the fields of brain science and developmental psychology would indicate that an infant’s view of the world is not one great blooming, buzzing confusion’ as was previously believed, to the contrary, both intellectually and emotionally, they enjoy a rich world. Garden for Children focuses on the world awareness and mental scenery of small children to produce an exhibition that can be enjoyed equally by everyone, from infants to adults. It will be centered around new interactive and participation works that will fill the entire space created by five groups of young artists and architects. By allowing adults to share and experience the art world vicariously through the viewpoint, physical sensations and feelings of young children, it promotes intergenerational communication while providing the opportunity to reconsider/rediscover the relationship that exists between people and art. Looking at various things, feeling things, and talking with children; coming into contact with art and appreciating it together creates a rich experience not only for the children but also the adults, offering a valuable opportunity that cannot be gained in ordinary, everyday life.
Quantity 1
Pages 64
Editor Sachiko Namba
Format Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Related Artists Saki Satom, Goh Ideta, Mikiko Endo, Shinji Ohmaki, KOSUGE 1-16
Categories Education/Learning, Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keyword Children
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Language English

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