Gardening the Mind | Making Food For and with Each Other

Publication Date 13 Mar 2021

A free online event exploring localised food initiatives with artist Kathrin Böhm, founder of Company Drinks and co-founder of This will be an online space for conversation and connection, a chance to hear about localised food production, using Company Drinks as an example.

We will discuss economies involved in local food production and its connection with art practices. Together we will chat about our shared interest and practices, so we can decide collectively what we'd like to focus on to workshop and explore further. This event is intended to be social and informal so everyone is welcome. If you're involved in an organisation that works with or produces food, own an allotment, like to grow herbs on your windowsill or just want to find out more about alternative ways of producing food, please come along to connect and share ideas. We're keen to connect with those based in our region, North East England but very much welcome anyone, beyond our regional borders, interested in localised food production.

This event will take place online via Zoom. Places are limited therefore booking is essential.

Please note that only the introductory presentation was recorded.

Event schedule

What to bring:

A cold soft drink, a hot drink, some snacks, paper and pencil/marker.

13.30 Get-together, introduction round, what cold drink did you bring and why?

14.00 Kathrin will introduce Company Drinks alongside three main topics:

    Communal and collective food production, accessing and sharing local resources, skills and knowledge
    We are a community economy business, what does that mean?
    We are local and like to be connected, systems for trans-local work and interdependency

14.40 Group decision on which topic we will choose for a workshop session:

    Collective food products
    Community economies
    Trans-local working

14.50 Short break

15.00 Practical workshop session

15.30 Presentation and discussion of ideas to the group

15.50 Hot drink and a snack with an opportunity to have a chat and make connections

16.15 Event ends

About Company Drinks

Company Drinks is a community space and social enterprise based in Barking and Dagenham, where we make drinks with and for each other. Company Drinks started out in 2014 to bring people back together through the act of picking and reconnecting with local green spaces and nearby countryside.

Company Drinks is now a co-working space and an expanding network of users, collaborators and partners, who come together to pick, grow, make, learn, unlock and share the resources and knowledge around us.

Like the seasons, Company Drinks changes and adapts, and is shaped by those who are involved. We collaborate and champion the ideas of those around us, encourage each other to re-imagine new ways of working, trading and existing together, through conversation, care and good company.

Company Drinks was set up as an art commission, and registered as a Community Interest Company in 2015. We see ourselves as part of a larger community-focused ecosystem of care, that strives for an equal, just and non-discriminatory world.

About the artist

Kathrin Böhm is a London based artist who considers herself local in Hackney and Höfen. Her work is operating in and outside of the art world, practicing in the real economy and connecting different trans-local communities. Main interests in her work are the collective (re-)production of public space, trade as public realm & the everyday as a starting point for culture.

For Kathrin culture is an everyday activity and it is everywhere. The way we do things together, constitutes the spaces and economy we have and want to have. Her motto is to think things in the making, and her emphasis is on translating ideas for a better future into actualities.

Kathrin is a founding member of the international artist group Myvillages (Myv), the artist initiative Keep it Complex - Make it Clear (KIC), art and architecture collective Public Works (pw), and the Centre for Plausible Economies. She set up the Haystacks series in 2013 and arts enterprise Company Drinks in 2014.

Kathrin has been pioneering new processes for interdisciplinary and participatory art in the UK internationally for the last two decades. She regularly teaches and publishes, and contributes as a researcher to the wider topics of New Economy, Usership of Art and the Production of Public Space.

In 2020 she stopped starting more new projects and is currently composting what she has produced as an artist so far, in order to make fertiliser for evolving long term infrastructures such as the Rural School of Economics, Company Drinks and The Centre for Plausible Economies.

Format Zoom recording
Related Artist Kathrin Böhm
Month March 2021
Keywords Community, Participation, Food (subject), The Politics of Food, Trans-local, Care, Ecology, co-production
Related Event Gardening the Mind (A season of online events 2020-21)

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