This new season of events focuses on mental health, and has been conceived through the metaphor of the mind as a garden that we all need to collectively and continuously tend to.

Sowing Seeds: Study Sessions
Session 1: Verity Birt (Wed 9 Dec 2020) - click to view recording
Session 2: Sean Roy Parker (Thu 10 Dec 2020) - click to view recording
Session 3: Clémentine Bedos (Fri 11 Dec 2020) - not recorded

Sounds from Xingu: Indigenous Ethnographers in Brazil
Listening session, Wednesday 13 January 2021 - click to view recording

The Habits of Weeds
A three-part event including a new intervention by artist Uriel Orlow
Wednesday 3 February 2021, 18.30
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Collectively cultivating our lands
Saturday 13 March, 18.30
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